Rated Company Employers of Truckers

Just who Are "the Good, or the Bad"

Rate your Company below to give them Credit or to show they need to improve :-

This page will publicly display Company Employers in the Haulage and Logistics sector as rated by Drivers in order of good to bad.

Employers, if you give some respect to your employees and provide good employment then you may well like your presence at the top of the rankings and all credit to you,

If on the other hand you have contempt for your employees and treat them as nothing more than a number with no respect then you are possibly at the bottom and may want to look at:-

How to improve and move up the ranking by talking to your employee.

Your Drivers are the ambassadors of your company and a major asset, treat them with respect and courtesy and they will represent your company and help its growth.

The Ranking is based on:-

Wages, Hours, Respect, Equipment, Work, Driver satisfaction.

With extra points earned for giving a bit more.

52 Points = Good

5 Points = Bad   

Top place Rankings

Company Name



Ranking (by points)

Samworths Leicestershire 50 1
W H Higgins Rutland 50 1
Boughey Distribution Cheshire 50 1
Firmin Kent 50 1
Country Style Kent 50 1
PGO Logistics Cheshire 49 2
Andrew Brown Transport S.Yorkshire 49 2
Motward Cambridgeshire 49 3
Middlegate Europe Hull 48 3
PDS Direct Oldbury 48 3
Munsons Transport Nottinghamshire 48 3

Bottom place Rankings (below 15 points)

Company Name County Points Ranking (by points)
Howard Tenens Lincolnshire 14 37
George H. Kime & Co Lincolnshire 14 37
Revis of York Yorkshire 14 37
Palmer & Harvey Antrim 14 37
DHL Knowhow Nottinghamshire 13 38
Sita Svez Middlesex 13 38
P M Rees & Sons Ltd Vale of Glamorgan 12 39
Taylors Transport Nottinghamshire 12 39
Sea Transport Suffolk 12 39
Eddie Stobart G Manchester 12 39
Luckings Berkshire 12 39
Watkins & Sole Middlesex 11 40
Birds Oldbury 11 40
SDC Couriers norfolk 11 40
A.M. Hull Haulage Cambridgeshire 10 41
Squires Garage & RT Walsall 10 41
RL Distribution Yorkshire 9 42
Solstor Lincolnshire 9 42
R.R. Memmory Ltd S.Yorkshire 8 43
Katem Spennymore 8 43
Barratts Transport Nottingham 7 44
Lynnstar Distribution Norfolk 6 45

See the Full Table of 227 Companies to date. CLICK HERE


These tables will be updated as time allows.

PDU-UK accept no responsibility for the content of these ratings. all information is as supplied by the responder in confidence.

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