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MSA Feedback

Following on from our meetings with Motorway Service Operators, communication is the key to further improvements. The Directors of these sites need to know what "you" the Drivers would like to see improve and Truckersworld are pushing for these changes. By answering the few questions below will allow us to relate your thoughts back to the MSA Operators. A full report on the meetings can be seen on the forum.

  MSA Feedback
Would you use MSA Restaurants if a freshly cooked meal was available?
If you answered Yes or maybe, What sort of meal would you like to see on offer?
Do you avoid certain MSAs or have a preference to a certain one, please say briefly which ones? and why? below.
Do you consider that CP+ should be more involved with the lorry park, helping and assisting correct parking? Advising Drivers? Patrolling more often etc
A chance to tell MSA Operators what you want, All comments will be passed on.

A Price reduction is not negotiable so we must look on what we consider "Value for Money"

All information obtained from this survey will be passed on to the relative Directors.


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